Getting out of my way… Key steps to help you focus

Getting out of my way… Key steps to help you focus.


Getting out of my way… Key steps to help you focus

We can agree on the benefits of exercise and what it does for the body.

There are benefits such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Improved circulation
  • Bowel effeciency
  • Mood boost
  • Detoxification improved
  • Weight loss

What is it about exercise that make us feel like were driving with the brakes on….stop go.. stop…go

Were hesitant  sometimes, it’s ok you’re not the only one heres my recent story-

It all started a late evening as I indulged myself in fantasy trying to distract myself from the truth my reality. I was going to run…oh nooo anything but running I thought. I know what my body needed and that was it. I was resistant, can you blame me?

I hadn’t run 3 miles since before the baby and she’s 1 1/2 now. I was going to need some intervention, motivation, a distraction…. Trying to talk my way out before I was even able to start. My shoe lace is untied…..I think i left something home… oh boy what else was gonna come up with? Just start already!! ok 3.1 3.1 3.1 I can do this I can do i repeated.

Was I ever gonna get moving the warm up was enough for me at this point. It was 11:44pm  when I looked down at my time and just then I remembered the day.. It was 12/31/2014 The last day of 2014 and the 1st day of the beginning of a day I will never have again but I will always remember. What could be more exhilarating than running through Fireworks and smoke I thought, but what if something happens ? maybe i’ll get burned? The rocket could fall out of the sky and hit me lol always trying to talk myself out of something. I could be that 1 in a million was how I use to think now I’m the 1 out of 1,000. Hey I had made progress at least…

How could this be positive different or an inspiration I thought. I quickly changed my thinking in that moment. The fireworks are for me. This was and is a celebration of my beginning. I continue pushing forward one foot in front of the other as my core engaged tightly with every breath inhaling and exhaling as my feet hit the pavement …… and of course the rest of my body shaking lol…. I’m not all shredded muscle yet 🙂

Just then I realized It was my mind this whole time holding me back, I realized that my belief that I can’t do this was so much easier not to even try as I has concluded time and time again. Is it not easier ?? I was confusing even myself as the thought went round and round…. by the time I looked up I had made it to a bridge a bridge I remembered crossing over the lake at a park. This bridge tonight was different. Every time I hit that bridge it was as if the fireworks got louder and louder and I imagined the image of the bridge stretched across…..winding roads ahead with cobblestone pavements in the streets It was Palermo I was running through as I could hear the people clamoring and speaking in their native tongue Italian… I had made it and just then I realized the power of thought…The mind…Visualization was key. This was my missing piece.. Having belief an undoubted for faith for what I am capable of. I could I would so therefore I can!! When you can see that is when it becomes a reality. Every time I run I visit this bridge not once but twice and no matter how hard I try not to see the images from that night I can’t.. So I embrace and feel the cobblestone multi faded coral colored stoned under my feet.

I just smile and know that 12/31/15 that bridge became my friend and look forward weekly meeting again and again.

When I’m in Palermo I will have reached my goal. Fitness,movement,& training is a part of who I am and what I love.

I now can embrace that.

Step 1 Have a plan in the beginning of the week

Step 2 download a nifty app to keep track of what your exercise training is gonna be for week

Step 3 Don’t plant to far ahead stay in the moment and focus on your best for the week

Step 4 stay Hydrated and have electrolytes handy

Step 5 Eat adequate nutrient to support the body

Step 6 Stop.. Don’t over think it. Have fun and enjoy seeing the benefits of your efforts and recognize the power of choice. You decide where your life goes, there are many influences but ultimately in every decision in your life you hold the key for what you want and need to change… Seems to easy I know but that the beauty of it. Women tend to make things complicated when they really are not. Guilty of course. Love honor and health- 2015 still time for the roarrrrrr.